By Charles Evans

Getting into the restaurant business was a family decision. My dad always wanted to have a restaurant. After he passed in 1993, I opened CJ’s and my mom helped do the cooking. She’s still at it today. We cook for everyone in Richmond: the schools, churches, police department and companies like Chevron. I love having my business in Richmond. We’re one of the few original barbeque restaurants in the Bay Area. We’re country boys – my parents came to the Bay Area from Arkansas during World War II, but I was born and raised with my 10 brothers and sisters here in Richmond. I like the people. Everyone here is family or a friend, or friend of a friend. We’ve been successful, and I think it’s important to give back. I cater all the Richmond festivals, and I help host National Night Out. I want the community to know that they are always welcome at CJ’s. Come by for a good meal for your money. We stand by our slogan, you tried the rest now come try the best.

Charles Evans is the owner of CJ’s Barbecue & Fish which is located at 2401 Macdonald Avenue in Richmond