By Russel and Raynard Lozano

We’re brothers who turned our passion for food into a gourmet food truck in 2015 and now we’re proud to operate in our hometown. Our food truck,
Curbside Kitchen, is a product of our upbringing in a traditional Filipino household. We were raised in a very diverse environment and that inspired the unique cuisine at Curbside Kitchen. We offer Filipino inspired gourmet, with hints of Latin and Southeast Asian flair. We’re proud of who we are and where we came from – and we love sharing that with our community. We feed people all over Richmond and Contra Costa County. From the Chevron Richmond Refinery to East Brother Beer Co., we bring people together with the shared love of food. Come visit our truck and try one of our classics, like our Mom’s Lumpia.

Curbside Kitchen serves Contra Costa County and surrounding area. Schedule available online.


Melinda McCrary is the Executive Director of the Richmond Museum of History

Do you have a food truck or mobile food service?

The Chevron Richmond Refinery is looking to hire vendors to feed our workforce on nights and weekends. We’re a 24/7 operation at the Refinery
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