ACS Project SEED

turning local kids into science wizards

Kennedy High School student Ansoni came to the United States four years ago with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.

“I always thought baseball would be my life,” said Ansoni. “I was told by my father that it was a good sport and if you become a professional they pay you good money.”

But last summer, thanks to some encouragement from one of his high school teachers, Ansoni was selected for a summer internship at the Chevron Richmond Technology Center through ACS Project SEED.

ACS Project SEED provides opportunities for students, who wouldn’t typically be exposed to scientific careers, to spend a summer conducting hands-on research in academic, industry, and government research laboratories. The program is sponsored by the American Chemistry Society and has helped more than 10,000 high school students from economically disadvantaged communities gain hands on experience in scientific settings.

Students are given a rare chance to work alongside scientist-mentors on research projects while discovering new career paths as they approach turning points in their lives.

During his time in the program, Ansoni worked with Chevron scientists to run research projects such as predicting measurements of the viscosity of oil using various high-caliber testing machines.

While math has always been an easy subject for him, Ansoni found science to be difficult, but thanks to his work at the Chevron Richmond Technology Center, Ansoni excelled at his AP Chemistry class and found a love for research.

The experience even had a profound impact on his future plans.

“It’s given me a focus in life and a goal to accomplish in the future,” said Ansoni. “Now, I want to be a research chemist.”

Some might say baseball’s loss is science’s gain.

At Chevron, we know that learning by doing helps kids find exciting new directions. That’s why we support ACS Project SEED.

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