By Melinda McCrary

I started working at the Richmond Museum of History in 2012 as an intern – I was getting my master’s degree in museum studies and knew I wanted to work at this museum full-time because Richmond is my home. After completing my internship, I began to take on varying roles until I reached my current position as Executive Director. I do a little bit of everything at the Museum – from curating exhibits to fundraising and outreach. This is an exciting time for the Museum. For the first time, we’re reaching out to the community to hear what they want to learn about. We want the community to be involved in learning and curating their own history. This is a museum for the community about the community – we’re passionate about cultivating content that is accurate, representative, and compassionate. Community partnership and education is our top priority and with funding from our partners, like the Environmental and Community Investment Agreement (ECIA) grant from Chevron Richmond, we are able to reach people who have never been to the Museum, including our first school-focused program which reached 1,000 students. There are a lot of negative perceptions of Richmond, but there is a lot of history to be proud of. Give me 45 minutes and I can change your mind about Richmond. Come visit us at the Museum and see for yourself.

Melinda McCrary is the Executive Director of the Richmond Museum of History